Athletic Association of Doliche A.A.D. “Dolihiakos”

Dolihiakos was established on 27th September 1977 to develop amateur sports.

Atletics -physical education is a need which contributes positively to the people’s character.

Dolihiakos is mainly involved in football.

Since 1978 it has participated to absolutely all championship events in the football league of Larissa as well as in the Amateur cup matches.

They have participated in all divisions locally reaching 1st Amateur division in 1982.

In the Amateur cup they sent to the quarterfinals in 1986-1987.

It has a very good football pitch 100×60 m. and natural lawn which is taken regular care.

Many footballers at times have gone to teams in higher divisions.

Today there’s a drift to cities and the country is shrinking so many association have stoped functioning or broken up though we still exist and offer to the athletics of the country.

Our offer is a leading light of hope for the development of athletics and competition.

And all these at time when professionalism and spectacle prevail in all fields of social life at a time when amateur offer tends to become a… joke.

Amateur football, the most popular sport in Dolihi fas yet a lot to offer.

Today Dolihiakos plays in the 3rd amateur division and has 40 active members of different ages.

The members of association are: President, Vice President, secretary, Treasurer, General Captain and 2 members.