Saint Demetrios Church. It’s the Patron saint of Dolihi and that’s where the Divine Liturgy of performed.

On the 15th August the Divine Liturgy is performed in the Holy Chapel of the Dormition of the Virgin, in the area “Panagia” in Dolihi where people worship the Virgin Mother.

On the 20th July the villagers go up the hill of Prophet Elias to commemorate him in the small chapel. the Divine Liturgy is performed then and the traditional Ceremony of breaking and blessing the holy bread. “Loukoumi” an juices are offered to the attendance.

On the 26th of July we commemorate Agia Paraskevi. Recently the Divine Liturgy ids performed at the small chapel of Agia Paraskevi at “Metohi” in Dolihi. after the end of the Liturgy holy bread, coffee, juices, sweet etc are offered.