Cultural Association of Doliche

The cultural association “TRIPOLITIDA” was established with a lot of zest to save the taditions and the local culture by active Villager’s on 15 – 2 – 1972 in Dolihi. It’s housed at the offices of the municipal building and it’s a live cell of civilization.

It’s establishment had a goal:

To tighten the relationship between its members and the development of mutual help and support between the villagers.

To increase the cultural and education level of its members and the villagers.

To maintainand conservation of the natural environment.

To put effort and energying the accomplishment of deeds for the commor good by the authorities and everyone conserved.

To correspond with similar associations (irrelevant to political parties or organizations) and whats more, we can say today that we have achieved to a great degree.

Also a folklore museum has been established by our association.

In the specter of its activities are:

Organizing cultural, artistic and entertaining events

Folklore traditions

Book, painting and photography exhibitions

Film projections

Theatrical performances

Organizing trips and tours

Organizing athletic, music and dance events

The edition of newspaper and magazines which are according to the association Statute

Public library

Blood donation


Having volunteering and helping as a rule the cultural association of Dolihi has achieved not only a higher standard for its members and the villagers but it has also made Dolihi a well known cultural village in the surrounding area.

The association has 72 members and anyone over is has the right to join in either he id Dolihiotis or not.

The 7-member council of the association are: President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 members.

As for the opening of this website because of the technological advances we consider it necessary to make dolihi known all over Greece and not only so people can get information about

  1. its history
  2. its civilization
  3. its culture
  4. its tourist and cultural distinction
  5. and all kinds of events that take place here

and finally they’ll have the opportunity to contact us by electronic means.