Entertainment and Shops

Prophet Elias hill is offered for daily excursion for the visitors to relax and enjoy the unique view

He has the the opportunity to combine climbing and hiking. The rich flora makes your climbing unique.

Mt “Ksilo” is offered for climbing.

Mt Olympus is offered for unique experiences, as it’s the highest mountain in Greece with a height of 2.917 m. It combines the rich vegetation and lots of waters. The most adventurous can climb to the top, “Mytikas” Zeus’ throne, choosing from a variety of routes. The shortest route is from the west slope of Olympus and from Dolihi you need 45′ by car and the an hour hiking.

For the alternative tourism lovers there’s a hand gliding pist mountain bike area and the E4 route.

Open areas offered for relaxation in Dolihi:

The central square which is one of the beautiful in the Elassona area and will soon become a masterpiece after its reformation by the municipality.

The park in Metohi with a basketball court and a playground and the park of “Lioliades” with a playground and a beautiful stone-fountain.

The football and basketball field sorrounded by beuches and trees and a playground.

The elementary school with its great surrounding area has also a playground.

The park at Agios Demitrios too.

The park at Agia Apraskevi with a very old stone fountain called “Sterna”

Shops and businesses:

Asteriou Konstantinos Elias 00302493092006 Traditional tavern

Gogos Antonios Nikolaos 00302493092278 Coffe shop and sweet Shop

Gogos Antonios Demitrios 00302493092365 Grocery

Gogos Nikolaos Athanasios 00302493092362 Building materials

Gogos Stefanos Demitrios 00302493092263 Gas station -builging materials

Liolios Dionisios Theofilos 00302493092414 Container – refrigerator

Liolios Konstantinos Athanasios 00302493092366 Shop house -tavern

Liolios Theofilos Theodoros 00302493092451 Cafeteria -bar

Mantzaras Panagiotis Theodoros 00302493092373 Garage – gas station

10 Mantzaras Fotios Athanasios 00302493092467 ouzeri – tavern

11 Souglis Athanasios Apostolos 00302493092439 Cafeteria -bar

12 Tsaknakis Konstantinia Apostolos 00302493092364 Mini -Market

13 Tsaknakis Eleftherios Nikolaos 00302493092271 Home 00302493092401 Electrical appliances

14 Tsaknakis Panagiotis Elias 00302493092448 Home 00302493092480 Building materials

15 Tsaknakis Spiridon Thomas 00302493092359 Home 00302493092270 Coffee shop -sweet shop

16 Fotiou Athanasios Spiridon 00302493092276 Cafeteria – tavern